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Strength Training


There are no shortcuts to true strength. Being strong means you've done the work to get there. No one else can do it for you. I'll help you get stronger in whatever form you'd like to: I especially love core work, handstands and arm balances because they Turn Your Fear Upside Down © 2010. I help your body balance the adrenalizing effects of a strong physical practice  with meditation and breath work, which creates balance and a calm. steady mind. There is no quick path to living your life with power, clarity and vibrancy: the secret is dedicated, regular practice. 

Prenatal Clients

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A healthy pregnancy requires conscious self care. If I didn't practice regular yoga and meditation, my pregnant body was in discomfort. As soon as I practiced yoga, I lived pain-free.  I offer my clients exactly what I did for myself: strong movement grounded in alignment and pelvic core stabilization, combined with loving, guided, body and baby meditations. This was the absolute best thing I did for myself when I was pregnant and I love sharing it with my mamas. I've helped folks from all walks of life - celebrities and new immigrants alike - find ease in their prenatal  bodies, and I can help you.  You may only be pregnant once:  nourish yourself daily!

Therapeutic Clients


I've lived through severe injury.  I understand what it’s like to be in pain and limited by my physical body, and although I respect the medical establishment tremendously, I don't believe that just because a doctor says something, it is going to happen. I was told by doctors I would never walk normally again. I refused to believe them. If you are interested in healing physical trauma, I can help you by integrating yoga and meditation into your physical therapy program.  I’ve helped clients with fibromyalgia and chronic pneumonia experience a life free from inhalers and steroids, and clients with disc degeneration experience greater mobility and less pain. Possibility has no limits!

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