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Strength Training


The path to true strength is gritty. It's not effortless or pretty, like picture above. Strength requires commitment and balance, a willingness to explore the deeper, darker sides of our nature - our habits that hold us back from our goals. 

When all I focused on were achieving the "BIG" poses, you know, the super impressive ones, and didn't take time to involve meditation and breath work to create a balanced practice, my body suffered. Yours will, too, if all you focus on is strength. Over time, the body enters a state of constant hyper-adrenalization, which is linked to disease, stress and premature aging.  

I've used yoga appropriately and inappropriately. I've experienced injury from too intense of a yoga practice, but that hasn't slowed my strength down. In fact, it's only made me work stronger and smarter.  


Prenatal Clients

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I did not have an effortless, easy pregnancy. Mine required a daily commitment to movement and  conscious self care. When I skipped my yoga practice, my back began to hurt. My hips, neck and shoulders were tightly bound with stress.

The beauty of yoga is that it gifted me a completely pain-free pregnancy and a quick recovery post-partum.

 I offer my clients exactly what I did for myself: strength and expansion grounded in alignment and pelvic core stabilization. I combine this with mindful meditations: conscious, guided connection to both your body and baby.

I've helped mamas from all walks of life, from celebrities to new immigrants alike, experience a comfortable, strong pregnancy. Pregnancy is a gift. Nourish your mind, body, spirit and baby daily!

Therapeutic Clients


I understand injury. I've had no less than nine surgeries in my life: the first, saved my body from internal bleeding and organs which had burst into pieces. The other surgeries repaired that broken body. 

I respect Western medicine with all my heart: it saved my life. But it's not the be-all and end-all to health. Our mind is much more powerful than any proclamation a physician can make. My orthopedic surgeon adamantly stressed that I would never walk normally again. I refused to believe him. 

I can help you heal physical trauma by integrating yoga and meditation into your physical therapy program.  I’ve helped clients with fibromyalgia and chronic pneumonia experience a life free from inhalers and steroids, and clients with disc degeneration experience greater mobility and less pain. Possibility is only limited by our mind. Want more details about my story?  Read the LA Yoga article.

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