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Strength Training


In the beginning of my yoga practice, all I focused on were the super hard yoga classes —  the sweatier, the better.  Then I got hooked on arm balances. If a teacher didn’t include any, I wasn’t interested.  This relentless pursuit of more and more was simply a reflection of my inner imbalance. And although my strength temporarily improved, my inner body began to suffer. I had joint aches and pains that didn’t just go away. Constant physical strain, without a balance of therapeutic postures, caused my body to enter a state of hyper-adrenalization, which is linked to disease, stress, inflammation and premature aging.

My goal now is to hep my clients achieve optimal health and strength through a balanced, wholistic practice. Sure, I’ll help you get into that handstand or that arm balance. I still LOVE and adore strong postures. But I’ll also make sure that you don’t tweak your joints in the process. 


Prenatal Clients

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Pregnancy was not easy on my body, but  because I had a daily commitment to  to movement and conscious self care, I felt amazing. 

The difference was easy to feel and a powerful self-motivator. If I flaked on dedicating time to connect to myself, my body responded with the typical pregnancy aches- low back, shoulder and neck tension. Whenever I practiced yoga and movement regularly, I experienced stability and freedom in my growing body.

 I offer my clients exactly what worked for me: an active, mindful flow that focuses on strength and expansion, while grounded in alignment and pelvic core stabilization. As a Birth Doula, I understand that in order to help ease anxiety and worry, it's important to include meditation to help connect you to your body and your baby. I've helped mamas from all walks of life, from celebrities to new immigrants alike, experience a comfortable, strong pregnancy. 

Therapeutic Clients


I respect Western medicine with all my heart: it saved my life. But it's not the be-all and end-all to health.

After my car accident, my orthopedic surgeon adamantly stressed that I would never walk normally again. Where would I be today if I had believed him? Instead, I began to practice bodybuilding (and placed in two regional championships), and later on, took on yoga as a more wholistic form of self-care. Today, no one can tell from just looking at me the severity of injury that I underwent.

My strength is integrating yoga and meditation into an already existing understanding or program of self-care. I've helped clients wth fibromyalgia and chronic pneumonia experience a life free from inhalers and steroids, and clients with disc degeneration experience greater mobility and less pain. Possibility is only limited by our mind. 

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