I am a Survivor. I am a Seeker of Joy.

I am a miracle. On my fourteenth birthday, I was walking home from school through a crosswalk when I was hit by a Suburban, speeding over 50mph. By all accounts, including the policeman who arrived at the scene and who later visited me in the hospital, I should be dead.  I lost my kidney and spleen and almost died of internal bleeding. On a skeletal level, I fractured my femur, knee, pelvis, ribs and skull. By my doctor's own proclamation, I would never walk normally again.  And yet, I do.

My car accident shifted my life forever, and in doing so, empowered me with an intuitive understanding of how to Seek Joy despite our external circumstances. Call it a spiritual awakening. Call it luck. Call it whatever you wish. Whatever term you may use, know that this gift is what I strive to give my clients and students in all that I do. 

In 2011, my life story made the cover of LA Yoga magazine. I wrote about my reunion with Dr. Richard Carmona, the Surgeon who saved my life. Twenty years after saving my life, Dr. Richard Carmona completed his four-year term as the Surgeon General of the United States. He now presides as the Vice Chairman of Canyon Ranch Institute.

Credentials & Training Hours

YOGA:  Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher. Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Alliance. Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher.
      - 500hr TT - Ana Forrest
      - 120hr TT - Shiva Rea  
      - 100hr TT - Maty Ezraty  
      - 300hr TT - Noah Maze

- Certified Birth Doula with Doula Organization of North America.
- Rebozo Trained with Naoli Vinaver Lopez.
- Dr. Michel Odent - Childbirth: Babies Need Love, Microbes and Stress.
- BINI Birth trained - Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas. 
- BINI Trained Birth Doula.
- LOOM Trained Holistic Abortion and Pregnancy Loss Doula.

I love inversions. They turn our world, and our fears, upside down. I've been offering my Turn Your Fear Upside Down workshop since 2010 at Yogis Anonymous, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, and YogaRaj, West L.A.

My Birth Prep workshop offers meditation, hands-on support techniques and an overview of childbirth education, including the various emotional and physical states during the three stages of labor. You'll leave empowered with simple tools and exercises you and your partner can practice to prepare yourself for labor and birth. 

Someone shot this of me during a lunch break at a meditation workshop. I love it because it exemplifies the nature of free-form movement within the context of yoga. Freeform movement allows for release in such a way like no other. Structure and alignment are absolutely necessary. But they must be balanced with inner, soulful expression.