Birth Prep & Testimonials 

I am taking a hiatus from Birth Doula services so that I can be present for my daughter and my family.  Instead, I offer Birth Prep,the culmination of ten years of birth and labor support. I've helped hundreds of families during labor. I've helped prepare hundreds more families for childbirth through birth coaching and prenatal yoga. Over the last decade, I've witnessed the intrinsic connection between the level of preparation for birth and post-birth feelings of empowerment. Birth readiness is an art - it involves not only preparing for our dream scenario, but releasing our attachments and working through our fears of less than ideal scenarios. 

 Birth Prep is an ideal fit for mothers who want more support than what their current birth team is able to provide. I've coached first time moms and partners who don't want a Doula, as well as moms and partners who have been through birth before and would just like a refresher. 

Birth Prep offers a flexible methodology tailored towards your desires and needs. I have no agenda and no judgements surrounding your birth choices. My goal is to help you prepare to meet your little one through birth coaching sessions (partners encouraged) and optional prenatal yoga support.  

Birth Prep is an ongoing process. We commit to meeting during the tail end of your second trimester or first month of your third trimester. I stay in touch with you throughout your pregnancy. I am not on call for you during your labor, but I may be able to provide occasional text support. 

One on one Birth Prep includes about 4hrs of in-person coaching and may be spread over two meetings or combined into one. Length varies, dependent on how many questions you may have.  A  comprehensive digital packet of resources is provided. Included in my services are:

• Complete childbirth education, including critical information on what to expect physically and emotionally during the three stages of labor.

• Hands-on labor support techniques so that when the big day comes, you feel calm and prepared. 

• We will explore which meditation and pain management techniques work best for you.  

•  Help in creating your Birth Preferences to give your doctor and hospital

• Two 30 minute coaching calls.

• Unlimited email support.  Limited text support (Digital support provided M-F, 9am - 5pm.)

Personalized private yoga and meditation may be added on for an additional fee. I bring my mini tripod and encourage my clients to tape their private yoga sessions so they can use them again and again.  Please contact me to book a complimentary phone consultation. 

Featured testimonials below and on YELP

“The first time I took Aria's prenatal class, I was taken by her grace, strength and knowledge.  I had full confidence she would be the perfect woman by my side during my birth... In fact, she was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.  She not only prepared and guided us up to the birthing, but she was the perfect "instrument" to the "symphony" of our home birth.  Even months later Aria continues to gift us with her support, light and true angelic nature.  It has been an honor knowing her and I couldn't imagine a more honorable woman to help born my first son. - Kristine Szabo” via YELP 

“We really appreciated Aria’s flexibility and willingness to adapt to our changing needs. After we hired her as a birth doula, it became clear that we would be having a scheduled c-section due to positioning. Aria talked us through this change of plans, helped us understand what to expect in the recovery period, then seamlessly transitioned from birth to post-partum doula. Having Aria around for advice and extra hands and reassurance was wonderful. We have so enjoyed having this time to bond as a new little family before our visitors arrive. Aria’s presence really helped to make that possible. .” - Ali G. 

My husband are so thankful we had Aria by our side. She was invaluable in helping me have an all-natural birth in a hospital setting with no medical intervention: I was able to labor at home as long as possible and was thrilled to find I was already dilated to 8cm when we reached the hospital (my goal was to get to 7cm). I’m sure had my hubby and I been on our own, we would’ve been anxious & headed to hospital too soon, leaving more room for our natural birth plan to be thwarted. With Aria’s calm, loving energy & steady presence, combined with her knowledge of the birth process my husband and I were totally supported. This freed me up to remain focused and relaxed as I birthed our first child all naturally. It was the most intense & miraculous experience of our lives thus far and we’re so blessed that Aria was there to be our guide through unfamiliar territory & witness the arrival of our baby boy, Axel James! - Andrea E.

“I started taking Aria's yoga classes when I was in my second trimester.  She has a calming spirit and I knew she would be an amazing person to be there during labor.   I was right!  My birth did not go as planned (whose does!?).  I had imagined a beautiful home birth where our son would be born in water and there would be candles and beautiful music.  Ha - I was wrong on all fronts!  We ended up at the hospital.  Aria stayed with me for the very long labor.  Not only was she there for me, but also for my husband who welcomed a break every now and then.  Aria has a calm, confident, gentle spirit that exudes peacefulness - exactly what I needed in labor!” - Amanda H, 

Aria’s calming way of being was exactly the type of energy I needed when my labor became most difficult. Aria was not only a great support for me but also for my husband, supporting him in supporting me. We happily welcomed our little boy, Jackson, into the world on 11/8/12 and we are so grateful we had Aria’s support throughout the birthing process. We highly recommend Aria’s doula services.  - Kara S.C.

“My wife and I were so fortunate to have Aria dropped into our lives as the doula in our first birth.  We knew from the first few minutes we sat down with her that we would do anything to have her with us through this experience.  

We had several visits with her the first few months leading up to the birth, and she really talked us through the basics of labor and anything else that we wanted to talk about - fears, hopes, expectations etc.  My wife also did a lot of prenatal yoga with Aria in her 2nd and 3rd trimester, and she credits that for finding a lot of her physical and mental strength during her labor.  

My wife went into contractions at 2am the morning of our birth.  We waited it out for about an hour and a half and texted her that the contractions were getting serious.  She responded immediately with a call and discussed her state with me.  After the conversation she was at our house around 4:30am, bag over her arm, a huge smile and beautiful calm energy that she brought into our house. We got to the hospital around 7:30am.  Aria was such a rock.  Such an incredibly soft, yet strong presence in that room.  She was so great with the staff of St Johns, with our families and with our Dr.

My wife had a natural, drug free, 15 hour labor.  She relied on Aria reminding her how to breathe and trust her body, things I wouldn't have known really to say at that time.  I was there doing everything in my power, but we can both safely say that she couldn't have gotten through it without the expertise, strength and calm Aria provided us.
Thank you Aria!!” - Charlie M, via YELP 

“Aria is the perfect doula. Her gentle suggestions, constant support, and uncanny ability to say exactly what I needed to hear exactly when I needed to hear it allowed me to have my ideal birth experience.

My husband and I are highly analytical people. When we found out we were expecting, we immediately began researching child birth and quickly discovered the benefits of a birth doula (see… for a peer-reviewed medical journal article that proves the benefits of a doula, concluding "Continuous support during labour has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants and no known harm. All women should have support throughout labour and birth.") The next question was whom to hire.

Aria was the first doula we interviewed, and we knew right away that she was the one for us. We still went on to interview four other women, but there was no doubt that Aria was our top choice. Her warmth and compassion fill the room, and her smile genuinely put me at ease. What stood out most to us is that she is completely nonjudgmental about your birth preferences and spends almost all of the time at each visit *listening to you*. Her ability to get to know a person over the course of a few conversations is remarkable. Leading up to our birth, I felt far more confident with Aria by our side.

Of course, all of this is academic. The real test was the birth, and Aria aced it.

I opted for a natural birth (no medications at all, not even an IV) in a hospital. Aria acted as a buffer between myself and the hospital staff so that the experience felt more like a home birth than a hospital birth. Aria talked me through my false labor, supporting and encouraging me, so that I kept my patience though my little one was a week late. When the real contractions began at 8pm, she kept in constant contact, eventually coming to our home just after midnight to help us determine if this was the real thing. I gave birth to our little girl at 7:52am, and Aria was by my side with energy and support the entire time! She never once showed fatigue or an eagerness to leave, even after our daughter was born. The real highlight, though, was how she managed to guide me through my ideal birth experience.

Around 6am, my contractions finally become intense enough that I didn't think I could handle them. I was completely drained of strength. Aria kept me hydrated with water and juice, offering it to me between each contraction lest I become dehydrated and need an IV. Given my exhaustion and the rising intensity of the contractions, my little one's heart rate dropped dangerously low and the hospital staff panicked. When I said that I didn't think I could go on, Aria whispered the exact words I needed to hear at the time. She suggested I reposition to kneeling and guided me to breathe with the contraction instead of fighting against it. The pain lessened, my little one's heart rate stabilized, and my dilation completed. When the urge to push came, the hospital staff were shouting instructions at me but I was able to tune them out completely thanks to Aria. With her direction, my husband filled my line of sight and the only voice I heard was Aria's gentle suggestions to listen to my body and trust myself. I did, and when the urge to push came, I pushed, and when it went away, I backed off, much to the annoyance of the hospital staff shouting for me to push the whole time. The result was a perfectly healthy baby girl and no complications whatsoever for me, not even a single stitch. Later I learned that I came close to needing an emergency c-section. Thanks to Aria, that wasn't necessary and I succeeded in having my ideal birth experience.

Aria is one of the most compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her ability to listen to and understand her clients is truly exceptional. Aria wasn't just the perfect doula for us; I honestly believe she is the perfect doula for any mother to be.” - AZ, via YELP