Twenty years later...

I'm still in love with yoga. It remains my primary movement practice. I've also become wiser and more flexible in my teachings. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as Universal Alignment. A rigid practice, sustained over time, does more harm than good. Practicing the same postures (asanas) and classic vinyasa sequences (yoga's version of HIIT) over and over again, without balancing your practice with other movements, is sure-fire, the best way to create unhealthy joints and injury. 

Yoga can be abused, just like anything else.  

Don’t get me wrong. Yoga is still my perfect base workout, but I've added functional organic spiral movements, core strengthening exercises, isometric holds and Qi Gong- based energy clearing exercises to help release joint dysfunction and build a healthier body. I am a healer. I use my intuition to scan the energy of the room (or of my individual clients if it's a 1:1 session.)  I use simple energy practices to connect with you and teach you how to continue those connections when you’re practicing and moving on your own. Your practice eventually becomes something that you intuit.

Alignment , breath work, mindfulness, energy awareness and the state of living flow are the foundations of my teaching. 


Interested in Yoga with Aria?

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