Twenty years later...

I'm still in love with yoga. It remains my primary movement practice. I've also become wiser and more flexible in my teachings. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as Universal Alignment. A rigid practice, sustained over time, does more harm than good. Practicing the same postures (asanas) and classic vinyasa sequences (yoga's version of HIIT) over and over again, without balancing your practice with other movements, is sure-fire, the best way to create unhealthy joints and injury. 

Yoga can be abused, just like anything else.  

Don’t get me wrong. Yoga is still my perfect base workout, but I've added functional organic spiral movements, core strengthening exercises, isometric holds and Qi Gong- based energy clearing exercises to help release joint dysfunction and build a healthier body. I am a healer. I use my intuition to scan the energy of the room (or of my individual clients if it's a 1:1 session.)  I use simple energy practices to connect with you and teach you how to continue those connections when you’re practicing and moving on your own. Your practice eventually becomes something that you intuit.

Alignment , breath work, mindfulness, energy awareness and the state of living flow are the foundations of my teaching. 

If you resonate with my services:

1:1 with Aria. Strength Training


 I admit, I was first attracted to yoga because of the workout. It  was the hardest thing I’d ever done. As a former bodybuilder, I hadn’t expected much of a challenge. The postures seem simple, and coming from a weight-lifting, gym mentality, I was used to pushing my body past its limit.  One thing I never expected was the mind/body effects. After my first yoga class, not only did I feel super calm and relaxed, but I retained that zen-like state for days afterwards.

Twenty years later, I still love yoga as my primary form of working out.  And now, we have well documented research to help explain the mind/body benefit from the NIH, Harvard, and more.

More important than studies, is personal experience. After a one on one session with me, you will feel more comfortable in your body. Over time, the mind/body effects begin to accumulate as you gain confidence and inspiration to do more than you thought possible. Every time we challenge ourselves on the mat, that energy continues to stimulate us to challenge ourselves off that mat.

Some folks hire me to supplement an already existing physical regimen. Others work with me exclusively. My strength lies in incorporating yoga into your life, so that you feel more productive, empowered and relaxed.

If you're not interested in one on one instruction, but would like to learn how to do "fancy" inversions like handstands and arm balances, stay in touch!  One of my favorite workshops is Turn Your Fear Upside Down, an inversions workshop I developed in 2011 and have taught at Yogis Anonymous, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, and YogaRaj.

Yoga for Mamas Who Like to Move

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Pregnancy did not come easily for my body, but a regular yoga and meditation practice helped me feel great! 

I blend energy, breath and mindfulness practices into a specific set of yoga poses that help mitigate some of the natural side effects of pregnancy, such as; reduced capacity for breath, neck/shoulder aches, low back tension/SI joint instability and puffy, swollen extremities. One of my primary focal points is developing pelvic floor awareness and strength.

The physical postures  help our body feel better. The pelvic floor exercises help us heal faster post birth. And the energy and mindfulness practices reduce stress, while connecting our mind to our growing body and baby.

I use my intuition to scan the room (or my client, if it's a one-on-one session) and create a unique practice for you.  I'm very hands-on, unless you prefer me not to be. I respect your body's wishes to be adjusted verbally or physically or both. 

The beauty and challenge of pregnancy is that it teaches us to trust the process and not try to control the result. In doing so, we merge into the flow of creation and ultimately, the flow of life itself.  My private clients have included celebrities as well as mamas from all walks of life

1:1 with Aria. Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga


Have you ever been told that you’re physically incapable of doing something? Did you believe the person who told you this? Or might you have doubts?  

Doubt is where my story begins.

I use yoga as a therapeutic tool to help my clients mitigate the effects of old injuries and chronic conditions. It's a process that worked wonders for me and I love to share it.

After my car accident, my first orthopedic surgeon adamantly stressed that I would never walk normally again. He had his reasons to believe so. I chose not to believe him.

My car accident nearly took my life. For three months, I was bedridden and underwent 6 surgeries on my leg. For another six months, I was immobile, in a full body cast. Nine months after  emerging from the full body cast, I placed second in the Southern Arizona High School Bodybuilding Championships. I placed  again, the following year.

Instead of believing what experts told me wasn't possible, I began to use the tools available to me to create what I felt was possible. In addition to weight-training, I began visualizing health and light in my joints, muscles and bones healing me as I grew stronger. A few years later, I discovered yoga and practices such as Qi Gong and hands-on energy work to help heal my body.

I've helped clients with fibromyalgia and chronic pneumonia experience a life free from inhalers and steroids. I've helped clients with disc degeneration and chronic neck pain experience greater mobility and less pain.

It’s important that we understand and respect our injuries, but equally as important that we don’t define ourselves by them.

Possibility has no limits.